Have you found that cleaners are no longer effective on the tub's surface due to the deterioration of the gloss coat?
The dull finish has allowed stains to
penetrate deep into the surface.
It looks terrible
and you're embarassed to let people enter your bathroom.
What do you do now?
Does this look familiar?
Does YOUR bathtub look like this?
You could replace the tub, but you would have to remove the tile and drywall from your existing walls.
That would
take a lot of TIME and A LOT OF MONEY!
You could have a tub liner installed, but that also
takes time and a lot of money!
You could use one of those paint refinishing systems,
but they can chip and peel like this tub did...

Or, you could forget the hassle and use the Bath Brite(tm)
Restoring System. You'll save a lot of MONEY and you can RESTORE and USE your tub THE SAME DAY!
Porcelain, Fiberglass,
Ceramic & Grout Cleaner
Gloss Enhancer
Bath BriteTM Cleaner is specially formulated to instantly dissolve tough soap scum deposits, body oil films, dirt stains, rust, calcium, and lime deposits from porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs, sinks, tile and grout.
Bath BriteTM Sealer is specially formulated to seal the porosity of worn porcelain and fiberglass.
Bath BriteTM Gloss Enhancer is a specially formulated product that is capable of restoring the beautiful high gloss, stain resistant shine, and the ease of cleaning.
Thoroughly cleans and prepares porcelain and fiberglass for the restoring process.
Helps restore and rebuild worn porcelain and fiberglass surfaces.
Restores a gloss-shine, and luster to porcelain and fiberglass bathtub surfaces, after steps 1&2 are properly completed.
Bath BriteTM Cleaner is a professional grade cleaner, that removes stains, dirt and films that other household cleaners cannot.
It also has a pleasant scent.
It is the ONLY specially formulated porcelain and fiberglass surface sealer/restorer on the market today.
The ONLY available gloss enhancer on the market today, that can restore the beautiful high-gloss shine to a porcelain or fiberglass bathtub.
Plastic bottle w/ flip-top cap for easy dispensing
1 Tub Kit - 4 oz.
2 Tub Kit - 8 oz.
1 Tub Kit - 2 oz.
2 Tub Kit - 4 oz.
1 Tub Kit - 2 oz.
2 Tub Kit - 4 oz.