Things To Do While In East Lansing,Michigan.

East Lansing, Michigan is full of many fantastic activities for people of all ages. Children, adults and also the older age group can have the time of their life here. It has many art galleries, shopping centres, museums and even sporting events. We will look at some of the things to do when here.

Visit the Potter Park Zoo.

There are more than one hundred and sixty species of animals in this zoo. It sits on a twenty-acre piece of land which is divided to show mammals, birds and also reptiles. It is well known for its efforts in preserving endangered species such as Red Pandas, Snow Leopards and even Amur Tigers. It also has a massive educational program through which visitors learn about wildlife through classes that are very entertaining. The zoo is open daily all through the year and also hosts events such as summer camps for the young people. It is a place that the whole family would enjoy.

Go To The Film Festival.

East Lansing g film festival is the largest and the second oldest film festival in the whole of Michigan. It screens features that are independent and also foreign ones, documentaries and even short films. If you are a film lover, you will enjoy this.

Visit Abrams Planetarium.

It is located at the Michigan State University Campus. It is managed by the de[partment of Physics and Astronomy of the school. On weekdays, they allow visits from school groups of all levels, from pre-school to even high school. On weekends they have some special shows for the public. Visitors can learn about heavenly bodies and also constellations. They also learn about stars and the different planets. Once the event ends, they are allowed to view the stars through the high powered telescopes that the planetarium has. You will see how beautiful the sky is.

Visit the MSU Museum.

The museum at Michigan State University began in 1857. It is one of the oldest museums in the United States which is one of the reasons to visit the place. They have close to one million artifacts which are very intriguing. It has also undertaken many research endeavour and has fantastic education programs. They are usually open all year round.

There are many activities that you could partake in East Lansing. With the above points, you already have a great headstart to enjoy your time there. Have fun!

Great Doggy Parks Around East Lansing, Michigan To Enjoy

Lots of people that reside in the community have different needs that only can be properly provided by the city or municipality. Things like parks, schools, roads, and sidewalks are all important to us all. One thing in particular that suits the needs of many people, young and old, single and married, is the dog park where we can exercise our best friends. Here are some of the closest dog friendly parks near East Lansing, Michigan.

The Northern Tail Dog Park

This is a specific park that is made just for dogs and their owners. That’s important to note because there will be less to do there other than walk dogs and chat with other dog owners. Still, that can be preferable to having small children playing in the wrong places at times. The entrances to the park are all double gated, this helps keep dogs from escaping and getting into busy streets.

There is a nearby softball complex that can be a great place to sit and watch a game to cool down after you’ve exercised your dog on a hot day. The park is a full 2.5 acres making plenty of off-leash room to throw frisbees, balls, and other toys that give your dog the workout they need to be healthy. And the fence is a full 6 feet high to keep even the best jumpers from getting over. Normally open from 6 AM to 10 FPM every single day from mid-April until December.

Sold an Dog Park Is Huge

Having an entire 12 acres to run on is excellent for the dog owner that wants to get away from other dogs for special training and exercises. There are many trails throughout the park with natural spaces, benches, and even a large pond for dogs that like to swim. Dogs can roam off-leash in the entire park and there are drinking fountains for both dogs and people to use.

In addition to public restrooms, there are also doggy poop bags and special poop to help keep the park clean for all users. While the park isn’t entirely free, there is a $30 membership fee yearly, it has high ratings and is very popular with the locals. It can be a great place to meet other dog owners on the plentiful park benches along the pathways.

If you have a dog but limited space in your yard, a local dog park is the perfect place to go. They are usually well fenced to keep your dog safe and have plenty of water, poop bags, and benches to make every visit enjoyable for all.